Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Two Days

Well this is my second day in Angers, I got here at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon.  Backing up, my plane landed in Paris at 8:15 and my train left for Angers at 12:25.  However, I had to wait until 6:00 for Anne-Sophie to pick me up, which is a funny story all by itself.  When we got to Angers with Dr. Schoolcraft, the director the of the study abroad section of the University was there to make sure that everyone found their host families ok.  Since mine wasn't going to be there for another 4 hours, he loaded my bags up into his tiny car (amusing!) and took me to the University so that he could make sure I was safe and comfortable!!  It was so sweet.  I ended up taking a 3 hour nap in the "student area" down in the basement where there is an abundance of couches!
After Anne-Sophie finally picked me up, we went to the apartment where I had to get my luggage up 3 flights of stairs!  My shoulder is still sore from that... but the apartment is so adorable. There are two living room areas, the kitchen (which has the "bathroom" behind that...I say that because it only consists of a toilet), her room, and my room!  My room has brightly colored furniture and sheets and also has its own shower/sink area!

I really like it, it's so convenient.  However, it is SO very cold up here!!
Anyway, last night for dinner Anne-Sophie taught me how to make a French chicken and rice.  She made a mustard and cream sauce, which sounds gross but French mustard is actually an ivory color, not anywhere close to yellow!  Then she browned the chicken in the sauce while she cooked the rice separately.  It was so amazing, I hadn't had lunch so I was starving and it was absolutely delicious!!!  Then she brought out a cheese course, in which she taught that you properly eat cheese with a fork and knife by cutting yourself a wedge and then switching off between eating a bite of cheese and a bite of bread.  Then she told me she bought a special dessert for my was mint choclate pudding!!  yum yum...
Today was very eventful and exhausting.  I took my placement test at the University and I wil start my classes on Monday the 6th.  The international students then ate lunch at the University cafeteria and took a walking tour of Angers which included the castle, plus important places we might need to know such as the post office.
Well, Anne-Sophie is making dinner so I will write more later, au revoir!
Me at the chateau Angers!


  1. Looks like a perfect beginning, Kels - and looks like you are soaking it up, as you should be. :) I can hardly wait to have you cook for us. ;)

  2. All I can say is WOW!! I'm so excited for you!! What an adventure! I'm so glad your sharing your experience! I can almost imagine I'm there through you! Strange but imaginable! Soak it all up sweet girl and savor your ride! I love you dearly and miss you like I see you every day typically! You look beautiful! You ARE beautiful!!! Au revoir! I said that with a Texas accent unusually so! LOL!!!!! ;)

  3. Sounds like a great beginning to a great semester!!!