Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting Adjusted

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post all these things, but I have just been so busy with school and everything!

Ok, so on Saturday I went over to Ashley's house with Maria and Amelia.  We made crepes (her host parents were nice enough to make the batter and set out any "fillings" we might need) and  had such a blast!!  Here are some pictures

Ashley was definitely the master

I love this picture because you can see the steam!

My Nutella Crepe!

So needless to say, it was an extremely fun day!

After all the crepe excitement, Anne-Sophie and I went over to her mom's house for dinner.  She made a very traditionally french meal of chicken (a WHOLE chicken!) and quite the array of vegetables: onions, leeks, spinach, carrots, potatoes, and rutabaga ...which sounds gross but it was by far my favorite, it tastes so amazing!!!  I joked a lot with everybody and made great conversation about how Texans drink beer "like Germans" haha :)  they also have a piano in their house so they practicaly begged me to play.  I only have 2 pieces fully memorized at the moment, but it was enough for them.  It was so cute how fascinated they were and how much they loved my playing.  It was a really fun night!

Sunday was probably my laziest day up to date ... besides doing some laundry, I was completely useless to the world all day.  By the way, french people do NOT have dryers.....EVERYTHING is air-dried!!  My jeans and everything else were so stiff and scratchy when they dried ... I'm going to try to do as little laundry as possible because wearing clothes after you wash them here is pretty miserable!!

Nothing too exciting happened on Monday except that I found nail polish remover,  a cute (and cheap!) cross-body purse, and had an amazing pizza panini!  Mondays are also unfortunately my longest days because I literally have every single class on Mondays...

Amelia and I with our Monday paninis :)

Well, yesterday was Valentine's Day.  It was also my 2 year anniversary with Sam.  Although I missed him a lot, I really did have a great day!  My school has started this thing called the "Mardi Cafe" (mardi = tuesday) where every tuesday they set up a party/mixer event at a different club/bar/pub/cafe with a different theme.  Last night it was at the Soleil Cafe which is also known as the local "discoteque" (okaayyyy...).  It did have a lot of fun lasers and smoke and other cool things going on!  So since yesterday was Saint Valentin, it was basically a stop light party but instead of people wearing red (en couple), yellow (complique), or green (celibrataire) clothes, we all had glow bracelets!  It was also funny because they also had blue bracelets for those who wanted to be "frigide" hahaha! :)  I had a really fun time!  I also realized last night that it was the beginning of me never being illegal to drink ever again!  So, I bought my pint of beer with pride and excitement in my heart as I reached another "milestone" in my life. :)

On a bittersweet note,  I also found out last night that I was supposed to recieve a surprise from Sam yesterday of a gorgeous display of flowers along with a heart-shaped box of chocolates.  However, they emailed him yesterday to say that they couldn't deliver my flowers because I don't "live" at this address.  He was extremely upset and is determined that I will get my flowers no matter what :) what a great guy I have, I feel so lucky to have someone fantastic like him who is willing to do whatever it takes to put a smile on my face.

Well, I should get back to my homework.  A beintot!

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