Monday, March 19, 2012

21st Birthday!!!!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write about my birthday (which was Thursday, March 15th) but I just had such a fun, busy weekend I just didn't have time!  As it turned out though, I had an absolutely AMAZING birthday!!  First of all, the weather was oddly gorgeous; a warm 70 degree cloudless day had everyone raving!  This was so bizarre because every other day before and since have been cold and mostly dreary, so the weather on March 15th was obviously a birthday miracle!!  haha ;) Also on my birthday, I got my first mail from America: a wonderful, thoughtful care package from my friends Mary and Lynn:

The girls sent me leg warmers, zebra print socks, chocolate, a water bottle (which I LOVE!!), a puzzle, a motivational book, chapstick, a sock monkey to chronicle my pictures with, letters, and Lynn bought me a scarf on her trip to Qatar!  I feel so lucky to have such amazing friends!!

Before I get too ahead of myself here, let me back up to the night before my birthday!  I went to dinner at a local American restaurant called "California" with Amelia and Maria because I was really craving a steak!!  And believe it or not, the place has delicious guacamole (we knew we were taking a risk with that one!) and quite possibly one of the best steaks I have ever eaten:

Yummy!!!  I think the trick to trying things like this is to not expect something in particular, but to keep your mind open.  If I had been expecting a Texas Roadhouse steak for instance, I would have been sorely disappointed.  But since I had no idea what my meal was going to be like, I was able to stay open to whatever I was served and my meal was in fact amazing!

Back to the day of my birthday .... so although I turned 21, I didn't actually go out that night because I have an 8 am class on Friday mornings, so I waited until Friday night to go out and actually celebrate!  I must say, I had a blast and was well taken care of on Friday night.  Quite a few of my friends came out and after bar hopping for a few hours, we went to Le Privilege, which is a GIANT dance club a little outside Angers city limits.  I had been there once before, so I knew I wanted to go there for my birthday celebration!  I absolutely love the music, the atmosphere, the pink lighting, just everything about the place! Also, Le Privilege does not close until 6 am, so we didn't head out that direction until around 1 am and I returned home safely sometime around 4:15 am.  Phew, so it was a long but extremely fun night! I feel very thankful to all my friends who came out and didn't try to kill me via alcohol poisoning (like I've seen other people go crazy on their friends' 21st birthdays)!  I was "force fed" (not really) fries and water all night, I was very well taken care of, to settle the minds of anyone who might have been worried!

I also went on an excursion on Sunday, so I will have to write about that later!

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